Época Cosméticos: High conversions and low acquisition costs

Época Cosméticos: High conversions and low acquisition costs

How did Época Cosméticos manage to optimize their conversion rates and reduce costs by using People Marketing strategies


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The history

Época Cosméticos is a brazilian cosmetics retail company specialized in luxury makeup and perfumes. The "carioca" brand was born in Rio de Janeiro, in 1991, and managed to gain market share in a highly competitive landscape by focusing on creating a real relationship with their customers.

The challenge

In order to keep up with the competition, Época Costméticos partnered with Social Miner and Zanox. The goal was to have a better understanding of their customers' purchase profile and consequently optimize their conversion rates while reducing the Marketing department's costs.

The solution

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Using a humanized marketing strategy to increase conversion and CTR

By using Social Bounce, Social Miner's lead acquisition product, they managed to connect 10% of all visitors that were about to leave their website and turned them into leads.This strategy allowed them to know their conusmers' profile and also attach this information to their purchase behavior. Now, Época Cosméticos know that Ana is a 33 year-old woman with curly hair and light skin. This data made it possible for them to crete highly customized automated campaigns.

Using Social Miner's intelligence to make more efficient Facebook Ads

Época Cosméticos benefited from Social Miner's integrations to optimize their Facebook Ads campaigns. They exported lead bases that were already segmented by our algorithms to create a customized audience at Facebook. By doing so, they created integrated campaigns using many channels and reduced their Facebok CPC (cost-per-click) in 50%.

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