ASUS: More sales with People Marketing

ASUS: More sales with People Marketing

How did ASUS increase their online sales with People Marketing

+ 60%

More lead conversion in comparison to a regular email marketing

+ 18%

More purchases at ASUS' e-commerce

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The history

ASUS is the 3rd biggest notebook producer in the world. Its mainboards are the most awarded ones. Their e-commerce started just a couple of years ago in Brazil but they already stablished themselves as pioneers in the technology segment.

The challenge

In order to increase its direct sales without jeopardizing the retail companies that also sell their products, ASUS partnered with Social Miner. They wanted to be a help center and guide each customer so they could find the right product. The goal was to turn each visitor into a connected user and consequently increase conversions.

The solution

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Building an engaged lead base

ASUS used Social Bounce to connect users via Facebook Login everytime an unconnected visitor that left their e-commerce without buying. ASUS managed to convert 60% more with this strategy than by using regular newsletter. The brand used People Marketing to create their Social Bounce wand turned it into a powerful lead acquisition tool. By connecting their leads via Facebook, ASUS was able to talk to its customers in different channels instead of just sending emails to them.

Using People Marketing to foster sales

ASUS applied People Marketing as the main strategy to increase their returning visitors rate. They used Facebook Notifications to talk to them and let Social Miner's algorithm choose the public for each campaign. These notifications had a 30% CTR and increased their purchase rate in 18%.

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