Fábrica de Monstros: swear words = conversion

Fábrica de Monstros: swear words = conversion

In order to increase their conversion, Fábrica de Monstros (FDM) used an irreverent communication strategy in Social Miner products such as Social Bounce and Facebook Notification to create scalable yet personalized campaigns.


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The history

Fábrica de Monstros (FDM) is a brazilian e-commerce specialized in dietary supplement and bodybuilding related products.They belong to EVO group and they were benefited for being a trade market that invested in alternative medias that could help them build a close relationship with their public, such as a YouTube channel and a fitness blog. Their brand embassator is Leo Stronda, a funk singer who gives tips on how to get stronger through their channels using a slung vocabulary.

The challenge

Fábrica de Monstros had a specific challenge: they didn't know how to convert their highly engaged audience into actual customers. We partnered with them in order to transform this audience, who already interacted with them via social media and YouTube videos, into active consumers of their products. Our goal was to do that without losing the brand's main features such as informal communication and specific bodybuilding vocabulary.

The solution

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Using irreverent communication strategy to enhance conversion

The brand changed their sales advertising and general marketing campaigns by implementing their characteristic communication style. By doing that, FDM truly started focusing on their audience instead of talking to Google Analytics numbers and navigation cookies. They strated to treat each user as a "dude", as they often say in their social media channels, instead of investing in commonly used retail jargons.

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