Natura: pivoting without losing the essence

Natura: pivoting without losing the essence

How did Natura manage to migrate to the digital world without losing the brand essence by using engagement campaigns in partnership with Social Miner


Average CTR of Social Miner's campaigns


of all Black Friday's purchases were a direct result of engagement campaigns

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The history

From the start, Natura based its growth on producing sustaintable products and investing in a human-to-human business model. They built an empire of passionate woman who sold their products to customers in the smallest cities in Brazil.

The challenge

In order to bring the strong customer relationship culture that was built over the years by the sales representatives to the digital world, Natura partnered with Social Miner. The goal was to use artificial intelligence to understand who were their online customers and also using People Marketing to engage with them.

The solution

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Understanding their online customers

We used the website's traffic to generate leads. This was the first step towards understanding the purchase behavior and the demographic profile or our public. Within six months, we managed to convert 600.000 visitors into connected customers with an average conversion rate of 15%.

Using People Marketing to engage the audience

We used People Marketing to have a better overview of our public. This data was later used to segment our automated marketing campaigns. What we learned is that the customization paid off: we managed to increase the repurchase rate over time and keep an average CTR of 36%.

Using OnSite messages for a cross-channel strategy

In order to build a real relationship in the digital world, Natura created a cross-channel communication strategy among their e-commerce, their blog and their institutional website. By doing that, we estimulated our customers to buy different products based on the content they are reading in Natura's blog.

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