Sephora: humanizing Black Friday's sales

Sephora: humanizing Black Friday's sales

With Social Miner's marketing automation tools, Sephora's e-commerce managed to optimize its conversion rates and increase their ROI up to 50% during the 2015 Black Friday

+ 2,65x

Social Miner’s conversion rate in comparison to other channels used by Sephora on the 2015 Black Friday

+ 51%

Growth in Sephora's Black Friday online ROI

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The history

The giant french retail company was founded in 1969 but only landed in Brazil in 2010. In this very same year, Brazil hosted its first Black Friday edition. Now, six years later, the brand is already leading the Latin America market share when it comes to luxury beauty products and cosmetics.

The challenge

In October 2015, Sephora’s Marketing and Performance department in Brazil partnered with Social Miner. The focus was to increase the online sales volume during the upcoming Black Friday by changing the way they communicated with their customers.

The solution

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Taking advantage of Black Friday’s traffic to grow Sephora’s leads

It’s common to see a traffic boost right before Black Friday. Our theory is that these visitors are usually more willing to connect, to engage and to buy your products. We took advantage of this fact to generate more leads to Sephora by using Social login. The result proved this theory to be right: on November 2015, Sephora connected 3x more via Social Miner than it did on a regular month. Growing the leads’ pipeline was especially important for the long-term planning. After all, not everybody who connects with your brand is prepared to convert immediately, dispite the big discounts offered during Black Friday.

Using People Marketing to increase our sales conversion rate

We learned that working with long-term engagement campaigns after Black Friday can be crucial to boost marketing ROI. What usually happens is that most e-commerces look for immediate results and fail to see its value over time. What we understood with Sephora is that many customers who connected with the brand in November rather buy products days or even months after the Black Friday. In Sephora’s case, these delayed sales from visitors who connected on November 2015 represented up to 50% of Black Friday’s entire sales period. Throughout 2016, 56% of all purchases made by these customers were, actually, their first buying experience with Sephora.

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