Our marketing automation solutions uses artifical intelligence to register the purchase behavior of each visitor that navigates through your website. Social Miner's platform offers On-Site and Off-site solutions that deliver personalized marketing campaigns to all connected users in your database, increasing sales conversion and repurchase rate.

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Only 5% of your page visitors will go through the checkout funnel. Social Miner helps you to identify and engage the other 95%. Our solution helps your lead acquisition strategy by triggering a Facebook Login lightbox whenever an unconnected visitor leaves the website, encouraging them to connect with your brand. We automatically customize each lightbox with the right message based on the content the lead was accessing before he decided to quit. This intelligence allows you to connect up to 12% of all your visitors.

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After the visitor opts-in, Social Miner’s algorithm starts tracking the lead’s behavior and cross-referencing this data with the demographic information provided by Facebook. By doing that, Social Miner creates highly segmented audiences and allows the brand to use information such as name, gender and location to customize their marketing campaigns. We help you to increase the effectiviness of your campaigns with up to 32% CTR.

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We make your job easier, since you no longer have to decide your target. Social Miner automatically chooses the public of your campaigns based on who has the best chance of opening a certain message or buy a certain product. It also ensures that all the channels are used properly and that all the campaigns are as personalized as possible, resulting in a conversion up to five times higher. This means that our solution goes beyond impulsive buying. We truly engage leads and help you to achieve long-term organic results by creating a real relationship with your customers.

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